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Development of Machine Parts Industry in China

Source:Shenzhen Xinya Precision Hardware Products Co., Ltd. Published date:2018-01-20 21:21:29

China's machinery manufacturing industry has made great progress this year, especially the development of machinery parts manufacturing industry, which is absolutely gratifying. China is now the world's second largest economy, and is gradually becoming the world manufacturing center. Many developed countries in Europe and the United States have shifted the production of mechanical parts to China. China has become an important base for European and American purchasers to purchase directly in the world.


This brings opportunities to China's manufacturing industry. In addition to the European economic crisis, many European companies in order to save costs, some precision parts originally manufactured abroad are also transferred to China for production. So for China's machinery parts industry, it's really spring. But this spring is not the most enjoyable time for all enterprises. When many foreign enterprises come to China to find suppliers of mechanical parts, there will still be many requirements. It is still difficult to find factories with suitable prices and quality among millions of suppliers in China.

Because there are many difficulties in purchasing mechanical parts, especially non-standard parts, it is difficult to find, discover, evaluate, audit and develop qualified suppliers. It is not easy to find suitable suppliers. In addition, some domestic enterprises do not pay attention to their own propaganda, so it still needs to spend some energy to let foreigners see. At present, purchasing managers in the spare parts industry develop suppliers through the following channels: some through exhibitions, some through friends, some through websites, some through large foreign trade companies and other channels. But no matter through which channel to find you, you must have adequate preparation, equipment, technology, management, and more to be too hard, in order to let others see you. So it is a trend that opportunities and challenges coexist in China's mechanical parts industry in the future. Good enterprises will become bigger and bigger, and bad ones will probably be eliminated.

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