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Quality control
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Customer's requirement is our standard. In the long-term production process, we have established a perfect quality management system, so that product quality can be controlled steadily in the manufacturing process. We strictly enforce the operation rules and quality standards from the aspects of material purchasing, R&D and design, process flow and quality inspection, all of which originate from our unremitting pursuit of quality.

We can't give you the lowest price, we can only give you good quality. We would rather explain the price to you for a while than apologize for the quality for a lifetime. If we only want to pursue profits, we can achieve the goal of fast sales by reducing costs. But we think that only perfect quality is our pride, in order to promise that we will not be proud of short-term benefits. Selling the future, our efforts and persistence are recognized and followed by more and more customers, which is the greatest driving force for us to continue to move forward. We can not thank you, but only report quality.

Quality Inspection Links and Inspection Items
Introduction of Various Quality Testing Instruments
1.Inspection of raw materials   Cubic detector
When inspectors inspect raw materials, they will first inspect the surface of materials by visual inspection whether there are scratches or bruises, then measure the size with testing tools, and finally confirm the material quality according to the delivery order and material certificate provided by the material manufacturer.   CMM can be defined as "a detector which can move in three directions. This detector transmits signals in contact or non-contact ways. The displacement measurement system of three axes calculates the coordinates of each point (X, Y, Z) of the workpiece by data processor or computer. Meanwhile, length, width and height were measured. By calculating measuring points, verticality, parallelism, cylindricity and contour accuracy can be measured.
2.First sample inspection   Cubic detector
In the stage of equipment debugging and sampling, on-site technicians will carry out full-scale self-inspection of the first sample, and then quality personnel will carry out full-scale re-inspection. The number of the first sample is 1-3, which will be recorded in the first sample inspection report. Batch production can not begin until the full size is qualified.  
3.Process Inspection & Circuit Inspection   2.5 Degree Detector
After the start of mass production of machines, the quality of products in production will be checked regularly. Usually every 1-2H examination, the number of examinations is 1 PCS. Check the appearance and key dimensions, and record the inspection results in the inspection report. Through process inspection and round inspection, we can find out the influence of mechanical equipment changes and tool wear on size in time, and control and prevent the occurrence of unqualified products to the maximum extent.   Quadratic measurement instrument, also known as video measurement instrument, usually takes the image into the computer through CCD for measurement and calculation. It is used to measure: angle, diameter, radius, distance from point to line, eccentricity of two circles, distance between two points or position tolerance of measured elements, such as position, concentricity, straightness, contour, roundness and size related to benchmark, etc. It is mainly used for two-dimensional plane detection of thinner products and smaller products or for two-dimensional projection detection of other workpieces.
4.Air tightness check, water pressure check   Altimeter
If you have assembled parts of the product and are required to inspect the withstand pressure and leak inspection of the product, we can also deal with this.   Altimeter (also known as altimeter) is used to measure the height of space points relative to the ground. It is mainly used to measure the height of workpiece, shape and position tolerance size. It is widely used in online or batch testing. It can measure height, depth, slot width, inner and outer diameter, hole center distance, axis center distance, flatness, verticality and so on (additional accessories are needed).
5.Final Inspection of Manufacturing Process   Digital calipers External diameter micrometer
At the end of the processing of all products, final inspection of the final products will be carried out. If the final product inspection is abnormal, it will be considered that there is a quality problem between the inspection tour and the final product. Therefore, the final inspection of manufacturing process is an important link to ensure quality.  
6.Full inspection of appearance and key dimensions   Inner diameter micrometer Comparison tester
All finished products will be inspected for scratches, bruises, debris, threads, burrs and other appearance problems. In addition, according to customer's requirements and dimensional accuracy, all important dimensions of some products will be checked.  
7.Shipment inspection
All kinds of thread gauge, pass gauge 各尺寸针规・块规
According to the quantity of the order and the specified quantity, the person in charge of quality management will carry out strict inspection according to the drawings. This inspection is also the last defensive wall to prevent the flow of defective products.  
8.质检报告的制作   质量检查报告 材质证明报告
The results of actual measurement are collated and the quality inspection report is made. Delivery with goods to customers.  
9.包装   MSDS安全技术说明书 ROHS有害物質检测报告
Finally, it is packed into special cartons or composite boxes to arrange related logistics and transportation.