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China's Precision Parts Processing Technology Achieves World Standards

Source:Shenzhen Xinya Precision Hardware Products Co., Ltd. Published date:2018-01-20 21:20:56

In manufacturing industry: Precision processing technology is the key technology of advanced equipment manufacturing. If a country's industrial precision processing technology is advanced, the manufacturing industry of manufacturing equipment in this country will also be very leading. In the past, because of the backwardness of precision parts processing technology and equipment in our country, it was impossible to process small-caliber, high-precision and complex surface precise parts, which seriously affected the technological progress of related fields in our country.

Since the 1980s, after the reform and opening-up of our country, the introduction of a large number of talents and equipment, coupled with the persistent struggle and independent innovation of our country's own enterprises for more than 30 years, has successively broken through the precise addition of high-precision machine tool motion mechanism design, high-efficiency magnetorheological polishing fluid formulation, ion beam stability control, sub-nano full-band error control of optical components, etc. Under this background, after many years, our country's precision processing technology has finally broken the technical blockade of the developed countries on precision processing equipment, making our country become a country with all kinds of precision parts processing technology independently after the United States, Germany and Japan.

According to statistics, there are a lot of developed enterprises, but through the Internet or foreign trade companies and other channels, looking for some of our domestic precision processing enterprises to help them process outside, from which we can see that our domestic precision processing technology has been recognized by the world and has reached the world level.

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