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fully reinforced   Over 10 Years of Practical Experience   High Precision, High Quality, High Cost Performance Ratio
Professional production equipment more than 80 sets, imported CNC, Japan's Jinshang turning and milling machine, all cutting processing completed at one time. Equipped with advanced three-dimensional, 2.5-dimensional, altimeter, roughness meter, hardness tester and other professional testing instruments. Maximum processing size: 1270 mm * 650 mm * 600 mm, the strictest tolerance guaranteed (+0.001 mm). Annual production of precision spare parts more than 100 million pieces, annual sales of more than 50 million.   We have a professional and experienced team, with more than 10 years of mechanical processing experience. For nearly 1000 enterprises, factories customize hundreds of thousands of products. Focus on more professional, we intentionally do a good job in every product, in return for customer trust in us.   High precision, high speed, high-end equipment, fully automated production, to ensure high quality and efficient production. Customers'requirements are our standards. In the long-term production process, we have established a perfect quality management system for incoming material inspection, first sample inspection, itinerant inspection, final process inspection and shipment inspection, so that the quality of products can be controlled steadily in the manufacturing process. To strive for the highest level of product quality beyond customer expectations.
From trial production to mass production, 1PCS can also be ordered.   Surface treatment, heat treatment   Compliance with EU ROHS REACH Directives
From trial production to batch production, the quantity is unlimited. For the sample for trial production and test, 1PCS can be ordered. Batch production of 20-30,000 also has sufficient capacity to meet production, on time delivery. In conjunction with foreign manufacturers, it can also handle hundreds of thousands of large orders.   We not only provide precise mechanical processing, but also carry out various kinds of surface treatment and heat treatment according to the needs of customers. Provide one-stop service.
Heat treatment not only improves the hardness of parts, but also improves the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and service life of parts. Surface treatment mainly improves the oxidation resistance and decoration of parts. For specific surface treatment and heat treatment, please refer to the list on the product display page.
  To take comprehensive measures to promote pollution reduction in the process of mechanical processing, all kinds of raw materials and surface treatment fluids used meet the relevant requirements of EU ROHS REACH Directive, and can provide SGS harmful substances detection report, MSDS safety technical specifications.
Fastest response   Safe and Fast Logistics   Careful and meticulous service.
The fastest response, rapid delivery, strive for every minute and every second for customers. Quote quickly for 8 hours. Sample supply: Sample delivery period is 3-10 days. 365 days of production throughout the year.   All products are cleaned and rust-proof, and carefully packaged with cushioning materials and plastic suction boxes to ensure that nothing is wrong. Special vehicle distribution, professional logistics, safe delivery. Overseas logistics experience, FOB, CIF, DAP and other trade terms and air, sea, express and other logistics methods can be corresponding.   No matter the quantity of production, from trial production to batch production, we will take it seriously and do our best. Provide one-stop all-round service for mechanical processing, heat treatment, surface treatment and assembly.