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Share a few tips commonly used in mechanical processing

Source:Shenzhen Xinya Precision Hardware Products Co., Ltd. Published date:2018-01-20 21:24:49

Usually in the industry, the mechanical processing process specification is one of the process documents that stipulate the process and operation methods of mechanical processing of parts. It is a process document written in the prescribed form under specific production conditions, which is used to guide production after examination and approval. With the technological innovation, senior Shenzhen Machinery Manufacturers have summarized the following common tips for you:

First, remove the jaw of the vise in mechanical processing, and process two M4 threaded holes. Two steel plates with 1.5mm thickness are riveted with an aluminum countersunk rivet onto a 0.8mm thick hard brass plate 3, which is fastened to the jaw with an M4 countersunk screw 1 to form a durable soft jaw. This can also protect parts from being pinched, and has interchangeability.

2. It is inconvenient to use magnets to absorb small parts (expendable parts) in mechanical processing. A steel plate 2 can be sucked under the magnet 1. Not only can many small pieces be sucked, but also the small pieces will be automatically dumped into the collection box immediately when the iron plate is pulled apart. Not touching but practical.

3. When the belt pulley drives in mechanical processing, the belt pulley often slips between the wheel axle and the belt pulley. A series of holes are drawn on the wheel axle with a 15-18mm pitting bit, which can form an adsorptive force to prevent skidding.


4. In mechanical processing, when one handle of the inner hexagonal wrench is short and unable to exert force, the pipe with a slightly larger inner diameter than the wrench can be inserted into the slot from a milling slot, and the wrench can be regarded as a long handle.


In addition, in Shenzhen mechanical processing, there will be many workpieces not produced by one-time production, but when the workpiece is produced, it is only a general model. If the factory becomes a real product, some mechanical equipment will be used to carry out mechanical processing, according to different product needs, it will eventually become a kind of product. Products of use value.

In order to ensure the efficiency of mechanical processing and the quality of the products produced, four principles must be followed in the process of mechanical processing.


1. Benchmark first:

When using mechanical equipment to process products, it is necessary to determine a baseline, so that there can be a reference for positioning in subsequent processing. After determining the baseline, it is necessary to process the baseline first.

2. Divide the processing stage:

In the mechanical processing of products, according to different product requirements, different degrees of processing need to be divided. If the accuracy requirement is not high, then a simple rough processing stage is enough. The requirement of product progress is more and more stringent, and subsequent semi-finishing and finishing stages are required.

3. Processing the plane first, then the hole:

In the process of mechanical processing, for the workpiece such as support, it needs both plane processing and mechanical hole processing. In order to reduce the accuracy error of the holes processed, processing the plane first and then processing the holes is beneficial to reduce the error.

4. Finishing:

This principle is roughly some polishing process, which is usually done after the product has completed the structure.

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