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What Should We Pay Attention to in the Processing of Precision Parts

Source:Shenzhen Xinya Precision Hardware Products Co., Ltd. Published date:2018-01-20 21:24:10

When we are engaged in the precision parts processing industry, the safety problem is undoubtedly the most important one. So do you know what precautions should be taken in the process of precision parts processing besides safety? I'll share with you today.


  Matters needing attention:


1. Strictly abide by the operating rules and wear the prescribed labor insurance articles.


2. Familiar with drawings and related process requirements, fully understand the geometric shape and size requirements of the parts processed.


3. Receive the materials according to the material specifications required by the drawing process, and check whether the materials meet the requirements of the process.


4. Choose the right cutting tool.


5. For processing parts, prepare the necessary measuring tools.


6. Check whether the equipment is normal and safe. Fill the lubricating oil holes with lubricating oil and check the empty operation of the equipment.


7. Clamping and correcting workpiece, reliable clamping.


8. Processing normally according to process requirements.


9. Do a good job of process self-inspection.


10. After processing, it is called special inspection by inspectors.


11. Immediately after the operation, clean up the oil chip on the equipment and the work site, and place the parts neatly.


12. Turn off the power supply and maintain the equipment.


Above are the precautions in the process of processing 12 precision parts that we share today.

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