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    Processing all kinds of metal and plastic materials
    With the change of the times, the materials chosen by customers are changing constantly. In order to meet the different material needs of customers, we have accumulated a very rich and wide range of process characteristics and technical know-how of mechanical processing of metal and non-metal materials through continuous technological innovation and research and development.。
    Steel and iron series Stainless steel series Aluminum series Copper series Plastic series Surface treatment
    SUM24L SUS303 A1050 C1020 PC High speed sand blasting
    SUM23 SUS304 A2017 C1100 PP Anodic oxidation
    SS400 SUS316 A2024 CuCr(chromium-coppe) MC Nickel plating
    S45C SUS403 A5056 CuTi(Titanium cooper) POM Titanium plating
    SCM435 SUS416 A5052 C5191 ABS Gold plating
    SKD11.61 SUS420J2 A6020 C1220 PVC Silver plating
    SK3、SK4 SUS430 A6061 C3604 PEEK Chrome Plated
    Others SUS630 A6063 Others PMMA Blacking
      Others A6082   Bakelite flame plating
        A7075   Teflon Abrasion
        Others   Others Chemical polishing

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